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governor scott walker's union stripping law there and surprise ruling in virginia on republican efforts to effectively ban abortion in the state of virginia. and another surprise ruling today shutting down a big voter purge planned by a republican secretary of state in one of the nine swing states that both presidential campaigns believe is going to decide this election. that is all ahead this hour, all from today's news. it is a very big show. >>> we start with tonight's top story and with a decision made in march 2003, which is when then-president george w. bush ordered the u.s.-led invasion of iraq, march 2003. it was also the month when it was ordered that the flag-draped coffins of american service members killed abroad could not be photographed when those coffins got back to the united states. that change in policy under george w. bush was a source of anger and controversy. it is why coffins were sometimes used in anti-iraq war protests to visually represent those real caskets of americans killed in the war that the bush administration would not allow the country to see. the bush
leading mitt romney in the three battleground states of florida, ohio and virginia. >>> hope you got to get outside today. great start to the day. sun, nice breeze. meteorologist chuck bell is here to tell us just how long this is going to last, and i fear you're going to tell us there's a change a-coming. >> there's always a change coming. it's a matter how long you'll wait for it. i think we'll squeak out at least one more extra nice day around here. that day will be, fortunately enough, tomorrow. so that is welcome news. today, though, all the bright sunshine, temperatures now still in the low to mid-70s across the area. the air is nice and dry. dew point temperatures in the 40s and low 50s. that means after the sun goes down, temperatures are really going to cool off quickly. we are back down into the mid-60s by 11:00 tonight. what about tomorrow? we'll talk about that in a few more minutes. >> chuck, see you in a bit. >>> more controversy for the royal couple as private photos of kate middleton are published by ather uk tabloid. >>> celebrating d.c.'s historic neighborhood at th
and front royal. 59 in martinsburg, west virginia. nothing showing up on radar. it's a dry start to the weekend. closest rain drops to us are moving away going through new york city heading out toward boston. for us, today, mild and dry. plenty of sunshine. highs today mid to upper 70s. so a little cooler than yesterday's low 80s but still not bad. then for tomorrow more of the same. your weekend is looking very nice. high and dry but rain chances will be coming back very, very soon. don't forget it's a saturday in the fall. that means college football forecast. who, when, and where? send your game requests to me at>>> we're following a developing story out of afghanistan. two u.s. marines are dead and several other troops injured in an attack on the british base where prince harry is stationed. >>> the attack happened overnight at camp bastion in the helman province. officials say all of the casualties appear to be americans. prince harry was a mile away when the attack happened. he was not harmed. the taliban recently announced they plan to capture or kill
and center, the virginia board of health and the fight over abortion clinics. at issue, do clinics have to meet stringent hospital-like standards to keep going. surae chinn was on the scene as the big decision came down. >> reporter: the vote was 13-2 to adopt the stricter guidelines. the two opposing board members left in tears when the vote came down the crowd erupted. they had sat together in peace but left in turmoil. angry pro-choice advocates shouting politics won and not women. >> please remove them from the room. >> reporter: anti-abortion advocates stood up and clapped. the people had stood outside holding signs unable to get into the packed security tight room where the virginia health board made the decision and some argued caved into political pressures into adopting the agenda. >> the attorney general can advise us, cannot instruct us or direct us. we are a completely apolitical body and suddenly we're thrown into a completely political situation, and i don't think we cope very well. >> reporter: board member james edmunson was one of two who volted against the hospital sta
the captains are on the road in winchester, virginia taking on shenandoah university, a 7:00 kickoff, 66 degrees in winchester for the kickoff of that game. more of your college football forecast coming up all the way through the next 90 minutes including two schools that richard and angie care deeply about. >> looking forward to that. >>> we are following a developing story this morning out of afghanistan. two u.s. marines are dead and several other troops injured in an attack on the british base where prince harry is stationed. this attack happened overnight at camp bastion which is in the southern part of the country in the helmand province. the base is next to camp leather neck which houses u.s. marines. all of the casualties appear to be americans. prince harry was a mile away from the base when the attack happened and was not hurt. the taliban recently announced they plan to capture or kill prince harry during his latest deployment to afghanistan. >>> also developing this morning protests are spreading beyond the middle east as more muslims respond to an antiislam video. demonstrat
, in virginia he is doing all right. this is similar to what the president's numbers are in virginia. is this -- can we move that? can he flip that? >> i think independent voters in virginia with quite different from independent voters in ohio. in ohio it's trending so favorably for the president right now that people are even considering taking it off the swing state list. but in virginia you done have the independent auto workers. it's very rural -- it's a different -- >> jennifer: it is a different dynamic. after this week, guys. the question we had last night because these polls are trending very much in the president's favor. is there anything that can shake this momentum that the president has? can romney stop this trajectory from happening? >> absolutely. i think the first debate is key. the first debate is the only one that matters, and this will be the first time we have seen these guys next to each other, and for the people who are undecided or wobbly that's a key moment. >> jennifer: you agree? >> i agree. >> jennifer: anything else external that right hap
-party candidate according to some may keep mitt romney from defeating barack obama in virginia. next. [applause] john: our third presidential candidate is from the constitution party. have been at a copy of the constitution and the declaration of independence. is short telling politicians what they may not do. i like the slogan slower, less costly government virgil goode immediately balance the budget. every department should face significant cuts or eliminated entirely. >> department of education. [applause] national public broadcasting and no funding president of campaigns are any campaigns. i will not take taxpayer dollars. that is $180 million. let them pay for their own conventions. >> protect from unnecessary ford wars? >> we would not be involved unless following the constitution congress declared war. [applause] john: we should not be in afghanistan although they supported those of 9/11? >> it is up to congress. that is up to the congress. john: but then use troops to stop the invasion from mexico. reduce illegal immigration. english is the open shall language. >> but we have a huge inv
50, romney 43. in virginia and florida, obama 49, romney 44. they're beginning to get very depressed, the republicans, when they see these numbers. no republican has ever been elected without at least ohio. how worried should they be? >> if you ask any republican now if the election today was held, most republicans would say unfortunately it looks like president obama is leading. ohio and florida are in a close election, which is going to be must win for mitt romney. there are varying polls on virginia. virginia is looking strong for president obama but it's all over the map. president obama certainly has more paths to victory than mitt romney. he has to win florida and ohio and pick up nevada, colorado, iowa, new hampshire, wisconsin's in play. polls a snapshot of where we are now. you're right, it was before all of this tumult in the middle east began again. to the extent they represent a trend line tells us something. ohio is the only one of the three you mentioned that i think republicans are beginning to think is light blue and may be gone. >> maria, the advantage that the repub
out his plan. >>> news about abortion clinics in virginia, earlier today the virginia board of health approved new and stricter regulations for the clinics. they must now meet the same building standards as hospitals which opponents say could put them out of business. dr. laura meyers is the ceo of planned parenthood and joined us on fox 5 at 5:00 and says women in the commonwealth will be hurt by the board's decision. >> it's a very disappointing day for planned parenthood and for the medical community as politics have come before women's health and politics should never interfere with women's health. >> the board voted 13-2 to pass the regulations including a provision that requires nearly two dozen existing abortion clinics to meet the same building standards as new hospitals. >>> developing in chicago tonight, the teachers strike could be over. ing in thors say a tent -- negotiators say a tentative deal has been reached and they have the framework that could end the walkout for students to return to class monday. union delegates still have to vote formally to end the strike. stude
on the middle east. nbc's ron mott is with congressman paul ryan and he's joining us from roanoke, virginia, with more. part of a state you're going to be doing a lot of time in, no doubt. ron, good morning. >> hey, there, alex. good saturday morning to you. although this has not been the best week for the romney campaign, and a lot of it stemming from a statement he sent out on tuesday night when these attacks were just known here in the states, critical of the obama administration's handling of that crisis. problem for the campaign is that the extent of the violence there was not fully known at the time, and the statement was actually released by the embassy to try to quell that protest before it turned violent. now mitt romney has been criticized by democrats and the president who came out the next day that he has a tendency to shoot first and aim later. mitt romney has been on the defensive since then. he softened his stance a little bit yesterday in an interview on national television where he said that the statement itself was not appropriate. he said he agrees with the white house th
no problem talking about god faith or confirming jerusalem as israel's capital. virginia's attorney general spoke to the crowd. ken cuccinelli is joining us live from the summit now. >> good afternoon. >> uma: the economy is still dominant and do you think that mitt romney is doing enough to connect with voters who are having a very tough time in this tough economy? >> he had to get through a long, tough primary and he's got some catch-up to do that will take him all the way to election day. in virginia, we're seeing him or paul ryan on a nearly weekly basis. paul ryan was there yesterday, i believe mitt romney was there wednesday. and he's talking to people one on one and introducing himself in person, in virginia for sure and i know he's doing that around the country as well. so he's undertaking that task while talking to people about the economy, the continuing bad job numbers which actually mask how bad it is. it's interesting that over 8% unemployment, that's a benchmark the president set years ago when he proposed his massive stimulus package. and he has failed to meet his own benchma
york city and then a set of whirlwind stops through ohio, florida, virginia before hitting milwaukee at the end of the week. the first time he's going to wisconsin this election cycle. joining me now, dough sdchlt ominico. he enjoys the occasion al beer, but milwaukee, really? >> maybe, maybe not. it's not just for the beer. milwaukee is an area that president obama has to run up the score to win. with picking paul ryan, it really shouldn't be all that surprising that wisconsin would be close. we've had it in the toss up column the entire time. it was the closest state of the 2004 presidential election just 0.38 percentage points separated john kerry and george w. bush. >> but then 14 points separated president obama and john mccain four years later. what's happened? >> the same 2008. and it looks a whole lot more like 2004. it could be a base election, slightly lower turnout than 2008. we've seen undecided voters say maybe they won't go to the polls. >> the stops next would he be also speaking volumes about money. anytime either one of them goes to this morning or california, it's a
something very important. justicece lewis powell, then a lawyer in virginia, wrote this for the chamber of commerce, later became appointed by richard nixon to the supreme court. >> just several months later. >> many people look at the "powell memo" as the charter -- >> the foundational, the foundational document. >> and the first big case in this direction was the "first national bank of boston versus bellotti" case, which he wrote the decision on. and what it said was corporations -- the identity of the speaker is irrelevant, which becomes the key -- >> what does that mean? >> what it means is you can't tell corporations that they can't put their money into politics just because they're a corporation. which has, i guess, a surface plausibility to it. but then would you say that, for example, the city of new york can put money into an election -- >> that could be the next step. >> to tell people how to vote? >> if we had any money. city of new york is broke. >> can churches put their money in? i mean, if the identity of the speaker is really irrelevant. and even the court itself has no
, florida and virginia. as we pull out, we can show you the map tonight. and in all of those three key battlegrounds, president obama is now, in fact, pulling ahead. this is key. so we want to turn to our senior political correspondent jon karl to tell us more about what's happening tonight. jon, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, david. it looks like president obama got a real boost out of his convention. and now, mitt romney is scrambling to catch up. for the romneys this morning, it was all laughs, as they taped an interview to air on tuesday's "live with kelly and michael." >> and what does mitt wear to bed? >> really? really? >> i didn't write the question, man. i promise. i didn't write the question. >> yes, he did. >> i hear the best answer is "as little as possible." >> reporter: but when it comes to the campaign, it looks bad for romney. worse than at any time since he clinched the republican nomination in may. first, those new polls in ohio, virginia and florida. they're the three biggest battleground states and romney is tanking in all of them. and the big picture is e
in this race. they know they've got to do a lot of work here in florida, also in virginia, also in ohio. so we expect that those three states with figure prominently on the campaign schedule going forward for paul ryan and mitt romney. >> ron mott, thanks very much keeping an eye on things for us in florida. we appreciate that. >>> let's go to our other big story. we have new developments over the film that sparked outrage around the world. one of the member behind that video, nakoula was taken in for questioning this morning. authorities want to know if he violated probation. and cleanup from the riots tahrir square. a 35-year-old man died from bird shot wounds overnight. >>> meanwhile the protests have now spread beyond the middle east and north africa. in sidney, australia, hundreds of protesters clashed with police outside a building outside the u.s. consulate. >>> but perhaps the most dramatic and compelling developments of the day come from libya where the u.s. government is making a big push to solve the murder of four americans, including the u.s. ambassador to libya. our nbc reporter
, florida, virginia, colorado, those big states. >> that the ruinous. >> secondly obama is at 53% approval and third in the head to head polls the average in real clear politics puts obama ahead about 4 points. that is very, very tough to overcome and it is hard to see what's going to bring romney around to overcome it. >> what are the three states he has to show well in? >> romney's got to win virginia, florida and ohio. >> he is behind in all three right now. >> behind in all three. >> can he close the gap? >> i think he can close the gap but it is going it take something. i don't see what will do it because i think foreign policy will be the benefit to the president who can act. >> john you need a little more time to settle down after the convention. no doubt the democrats had quite an effective convention, bill clinton's speech was effective. there is a 1 or two point leland nationally, ohio romney really can't win without ohio and the obama campaign has done a number on him there and the debates, there is major, major pressure on romney to perform well in the debates. >> the gender ga
army is not in control of that area. there are parts of virginia where the union army still has a foothold. >> president clinton issued an early version of the emancipation proclamation calling the victory at antietam. this weekend on american history tv, historians take your questions on the battle and repercussions on the single bloodiest day of fighting in american history. at noon eastern on c-span 3. >> i think people really like to viewsere politicians' have shifted over the years. they want to see whether mitt romney in 1994 was campaign for welfare reform, against welfare reform, against the motion. but what -- against abortion. there is an element that is like a gotcha element. there is also an element that this is incredibly interesting. >> i tried to think why it is that he has changed so often. why does he find it so difficult to come down on one side of an issue and instead float between both sides of the issue. >> running for state office for the first time, does it help if there is a governor named rod blagojevich if your name is barack obama? >> the best way to d
, and virginia. they kind of need that. what's going on? >> the country feels better with it -- about itself according to the right track-wrong track numbers, since the end of both conventions. the second convention was the democratic convention. the bounce seems to be -- gwen: we should point out none of this is in the wake of the foreign policy -- >> no. and on the economic issues the president is closing the gap and on the foreign policy issues he's widening it. among key demographic groups, those who earn for -- more than $ 0,000s he's competitive with romney. and among those who are single, minorities, he is expanding his lead. where romney needs to gain he is either losing or just keeping steady. >> why are those things happening? i think the reason is because governor romney has made a compefrling case that the economy didn't -- srnt good enough but he has to take it further and say why shoe hire him him -- him instead and he hasn't been able to, at least not with enough voters. as time goes on in the campaign, he's losing opportunities to do that, so therefore we have a situation whe
holding the yellow gumballs, ohio, virginia and florida. in both florida and virginia, president obama leads romney by five points among voters. 49% to 44%. in ohio, the president leads by seven points, 52-43. if the election were held today and they voted the way the polls predicted, the total electoral votes president obama would win from those three states, florida, ohio, and virginia, that would equal 60 more electoral votes. that is almost double the 33 votes he needs to win. a win in any of the other would just be icing on the president's victory cake. of course, the election is not being held today. there are more than seven weeks to go and three debates before the elections. the polls also reveal that most people have already made up their minds about how they are going to vote. numbers are not looking good for mitt romney. neither is the news. governor romney has spent the election trying to convince us that his background as a businessman uniquely qualifies him for the job of executive and chief in charge of our nation and its aisliling economy. executive and chief is only pa
consecutivo, los republicanos continuan concentrando sus esfuerzos en virginia para captar el voto de los indecisos... hoy le toco a los pequeÑos empresario s latinos quienes recibieron la visita del hijo de mitt romney... claudia uceda nos amplia.. ...craig romney tambien confeso que le gusta la salsa y el merenge y muchas otras cosas mas ... la entrevista completa lo podra ver el programa politico perspectiva nacional este domingo. ... segun un nuevo estudio cerca de un millon de votantes de minorias, menores de 30-anos, podrian verse afectados por las leyes de identificacion de votantes en 17- estados... entre 700 mil a un millon de votantes de grupos minoritarios se espera que sean incapaces de sufragar debido a la obligacion de tener identificacion con fotografia en determinadas estados ... la menor concurren cia podria afectar varias elecciones legislativas, asi como la presidencial del mes de noviembre... mas adelante:. una entidad comunitaria busca educar a la poblacion sobre los problemas renales... fda advierte a los consumidores sobre el riesgo de consumir mangos d
and hanging onto 68 degrees in leesburg, virginia. that front? oh, you've got to look hard. just light showers and sprinkles just east of frostburg, maryland right now. you've got some bigger rains down to the south around arkansas in texas. that's all part of the next weather system that's going to be arriving here again early next week. for tomorrow, some sunshine. nice conditions as high pressure moves in. that high pressure hangs on for most of sunday. i think by late sunday, we turn over to a partly cloudy sky and by first thing monday, i think we're going to be very cloudy. we're starting to see some showers showing up. right now, i think our heaviest rain will come monday night, tuesday morning. and i think our heaviest rain will be setting up in areas from washington county maryland down through sts like loudoun unty. 1-3 inches of rain possible. not severe weather, but still winds up to 30 miles per hour. for tomorrow morning, take advantage of it. start planning. gorgeous, 54-63 degrees. beautiful with sunshine. just nice and mild again. 75-80 degrees for your saturday. and in terms
get back on their feet. >>> the virginia board of health approved abortion clinic regulations that include strict building standards that abortion rights activists oppose. they have held several protests against those regulations, they say they are meant to put the clinics out of business. the regulations require virginia's 20 existing clinics to meet the same standards as new hospitals. >> the pope today started a three day visit to the arab world in the middle of deadly protests. he did a mass, he called fundmentists a false religion. he said that importing arms to syria would be when he called a grave sin. refugees asked him to pray for peace in their homeland. >> let's go back now and talk more about our waste the weekend here -- looks like things good. >> a lot going on this week. you have the giants playing tonight and all weekend. and you have the 49ers playing on sunday night at candlestick. lot going on the weather will be great. we go outside. want to point out how the fog pulled away from the coast. little bit of fog at the southend of ocean beach. we are getting
virginia blue, who was the last democrat to win the state in the presidential election? yeah, that's a good one. you can tweet me the answer. i'll let you know who gets the right answer first. you can try snapshot from progressive before you switch your insurance. [ horn honks ] just plug snapshot into your car, and drive like you -- to see if your good driving could save you up to 30%. so try the way to save that's as unique as you are. now you can test-drive snapshot before you switch. visit today. mom: ready t♪ go to work? ♪ ♪ ♪ every mom needs a little helper. that's why i got a subaru. announcer: love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >>> before the break, i asked who was the last democrat before barack obama to win virginia? the answer is lbj. johnson carried the state in 1964. a big congratulations to mike bates for tweeting me the right answer first. nicely done. >>> welcome back once again. maria cardona and amy holmes are with me talking politics. amy, cnn has learned that in the vice presidential vetting process, the romney camp asked for ten years of b
. it is worse when you go to the more important states, the swing states. florida and virginia are two states that romney desperately needs if he is going to win the presidency. right now he's down by five points. 49-44 in both of those states. if he does not get both of the ststeses he'ssone foror k kww there is two months left in an election, but five points is significant. in ohio, it's 50-43 a ten-point differential. it looks like ohio is toast. it does not look like romney can win it. if they don't win ohio, the republicans have a much harder chance. i don't want to say no chance, and there could be a game changer in two months, but if there isn't romney is hurt, dog, more bad numbers for him. among all women down 53-39. how badly can you lose? well your answer is among single women he's down 65-27 my god single women hate this guy. he's down 38 point! how about foreign policy 54-40 when was the last time that you saw a democrat with a 14-point lead on foreign policy. what is this world coming to. you go understand why look at the alternatives. here is this idiot called colonel peters, h
and the president led by five points in florida and enjoyed that same five-point lead in virginia. also in new hampshire according to an in-state poll. romney's ability to connect with middle income voters is one big reason why he trails the president. that inability was on display today. >> romney: no one can say my plan is going to raise taxes on middle income people. principle number one is keep the burden down. >> you under $100,000 middle income. >> no, middle income is $200,000 to $250,000. >> really? >> eliot: according to a study from 2009, households earning $180,000 are the top 5%. right now median household income around $50,000. meanwhile anti-american riots spread, and in tunis three protesters died, and in libya where ambassador chris stevens sean smith and tyrone woods and glen doherty were killed tuesday night. after coffins carrying their bodies touched down at airs force base, the president said we'll continue to lead. >> obama: we'll never retreat from the world. we'll never stop working for the dignity and freedom whatever their creed, whatever their faith. that is the esse
, virginia, ohio. let's bring up the boards on what that is in the three states. >> kimberly: we have that. >> bob: he leads romney in florida, 49-44 in virginia. ohio, 50-43. stop talking in my ear. who is strongest on the economy? which romney was leading by a wide margin. >> greg: there are people yawning in our audience right now. >> bob: take it down. >> greg: we have more polls than poland. it's a box score for a game that hasn't start yet. i want to make a poll for viewers at home to write in and tell us if they like segments on polling, but we won't read the letters so just send them to me and i'll convey it to everybody that polls are boring. >> kimberly: of course. >> bob: polls now are getting more accurate. we are getting close to the election. >> eric: how do you know? >> kimberly: you state only polls that are accurate are the ones that show bam become ahead. you only say the ones that are valid show obama ahead. >> bob: he leads romney by double digits. >> dana: i don't know if that will be true after tuesday. that was probably true on tuesday. probably, hey, this president
overhead. 65 here in town. 49 in petersburg, west virginia first thing this morning and 50 in western maryland out by cumberland. those 40s will be inching their way into the shenandoah valley by this time tomorrow morning. for today nothing to worry about. sunny and warm. 75 to 80 today. same story. bree breezy. >>> more news and weather in 25 infocision. infocision says it provides value and integrity to its clients. >>> back on a saturday morning, september 15th, 2012. happy to have our friends out on the plaza. enjoying mild weather this weekend. a little bit of rain, but i think it's cleared up. i'm kate snow along with lester holt. coming up, the royal family fighting back. prince william and his wife are furious that a french magazine published topless photos of her, and now they are taking action. we have the details. >>> while it's only mid september, some people are starting to think about their holiday shopping. retailers will try to make spending more affordable by offering different layaway plans. but is paying for items over time the best way to go? we're going to take a
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 96 (some duplicates have been removed)